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a Self-Serve
Data Culture

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Stemma enables a diverse range of clients to serve data-informed insights to all business users.

Data teams these days increasingly need to make data available to users throughout the organization. This new mission makes it all the more important that the data is trustworthy. Without a modern catalog to ensure this, new sources of data go undocumented, engineers cannot see the impact changes have on users, and platform adoption ultimately suffers. 

Stemma gives our customers the tools to make sure their data can be trusted in a self-serve culture. We provide automated data stewardship, deep insight into data use, and seamless integration into existing user workflows.

Use Cases

The data catalog for the modern data stack

Everyone has access to data, but few know what exists, what’s trustworthy and how to use it. Stemma makes finding trustworthy data easy and offers an always up-to-date view of your data’s usage at any time.
Data Discovery
Automated documentation makes it easy for users to see which data is commonly used, who the top users are, and how the data is used for dashboards and common queries. Table and column-level lineage helps users understand where the data comes from and whether it is appropriate for their analysis.

Stemma integrates with best-of-breed tools and workflows to bring tribal knowledge into your data catalog. Users will find the data they need in Stemma while keeping the workflows they’ve built into habits.
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Change Management
Data engineers can now clearly see upstream and downstream data assets, and communicate with all downstream users before making changes to data.  Gone are the days of message blasts that go ignored and users who come back angry and surprised.

Data Analysts can now see the source of data and easily connect with data owners and get advanced warning from data engineers about impending changes.  The people who draw insights from data no longer need to feel like they are the last to find out when data gets shut off or delayed.
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"I am thrilled to see Stemma make automated data catalogs widely available.
Data users can go to Stemma to find what they need without having to track down three different subject matter experts to know what's going on.
Michelle Gulen
Manager of Data Analytics
"In just 10 months of adoption, the usage of Stemma has grown 5x. Today, 80% of Convoy's tech org uses Stemma every month.
Stemma's adoption has been nothing short of amazing at Convoy."
Chad Sanderson
Head of Product, Data Platform
“Because of the two-sided nature of our marketplace and deep sales funnel (relying on numerous systems and apps), Workrise has leaned on Stemma to solve for that “cogent search-ability” of our complex & wide data ecosystem to bootstrap our analytics.”
Gus Santaella
Senior Manager
The best-of-breed data catalog for modern teams

Make Data Accessible
Without Sacrificing Trust

Stemma is the ideal data catalog for teams who need to give more users access to dynamic data, and empower those users with self-serve understanding of what data is trustworthy.

Automated Data Stewardship

Operational and behavioral metadata is automatically gathered by the system to deliver fast time-to-value for analysts and other users
Table and column level lineage help users determine which data can be trusted
Common query patterns help understand how data is being used

Deep Insights into Data Use

Data owners can see and communicate with all downstream users for faster, drama-free data changes
Find and eliminate duplicative data to improve experience for decentralized
Monitor engagement of your data program to drive adoption and improve business user experience

Enhanced User Workflows

Build a modern data program that meets analysts in the environments they already use like Looker or Mode
Your team is already talking about data on Slack - bring those conversations to your data catalog
Shift data governance left to confirm documentation is in place right from a GitHub pull requests

Case Studies

Dive into our case studies and learn more about how we are helping organizations build decentralized data cultures.

iRobot leverages Stemma to deliver improved customer experiences

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80% of Convoy's tech org uses Stemma for discovering and trusting data

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Our Philosophy

Our team has watched data practices evolve at companies making some of the biggest bets on data. In our experience there are common approaches that have led to success for modern teams.

Treat the move to self-serve as a culture change, not just a tooling project
Plan on creating a data catalog that every user can contribute to
Only change workflows you know you can improve and let actions stay in best-of-breed environments when possible

It is our mission to make your data program successful, not just sell you a data catalog. From scoping your effort to decentralize data all the way through onboarding your users, Stemma has experience to help.

November 9, 2022
June 23, 2021
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How to Make Your Data Catalog Successful

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Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Data Sources

Stemma offers the broadest level of integration with data sources. Connect seamlessly with Snowflake, Redshift, Google BigQuery, Apache Airflow and many more.
Discover the full list of integrations
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Apache Airflow
Amazon Athena
Mode Analytics
Amazon Redshift

Decentralize data with security in mind

We offer two ways of deploying Stemma, both of which are secure.

Our hybrid deployment model is ideal for customers who want the benefits of data residency without the cost of self-hosting. In this model, Stemma hosts the Control Plane while the Data Plane is hosted in your cloud environment.

In our standard deployment model, Stemma hosts both the Control Plane and the Data Plane.

Building Success

Stemma was created by the team behind Amundsen, the leading open-source data catalog.