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Total Trust in Data

Stemma is a fully managed data catalog, powered by the leading open-source data catalog, Amundsen.

Make data-based decisions with absolute confidence.

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From fast-growing logistics companies to leading financial institutions, Stemma is enabling a diverse range of clients to gain total trust in their data.

The leading open-source data catalog

Gain Total Trust in Your Data

Everyone has access to data, but few know what exists, what’s trustworthy and how to use it. Stemma makes finding trustworthy data easy and offers an always up-to-date view of your data’s usage at any time.
Stemma for Data Scientists & Analysts
Rather than being the last to find out when data gets shut off or delayed, Stemma users are always in the loop and have oversight on what’s changing with their data.

We keep users up-to-date through automated documentation based on common usage patterns.
Stemma for Data Engineers
Not knowing who or what a data change will affect means that data engineers simply have to spray and pray.

The volume of data that companies need to collect and process is growing exponentially. Stemma removes the complexity and stress of tracking and navigating the flow of new and ever-evolving data, through automated lineage tracking.
Stemma for Data Governance
Organizations often rely on Slack conversations and continuous shoulder-tapping to gain trust in data. This is error-prone and time-consuming.

Stemma uniquely augments your data with automated documentation, so you don’t have to document and curate every single data set.


"We knew that manual documentation wasn't going to work.
We chose Amundsen as our data catalog because of its focus on automation and its supportive community. Since then we have moved to Stemma as our data catalog. I am thrilled to see Stemma make automated data catalogs widely available.
Michelle Gulen
Manager of Data Analytics
"In just 10 months of adoption, the usage of Stemma has grown 5x. Today, 80% of Convoy's tech org uses Stemma every month.
Stemma's adoption has been nothing short of amazing at Convoy."
Chad Sanderson
Head of Product, Data Platform
“Because of the two-sided nature of our marketplace and deep sales funnel (relying on numerous systems and apps), Workrise has leaned on Stemma to solve for that “cogent search-ability” of our complex & wide data ecosystem to bootstrap our analytics.”
Gus Santaella
Senior Manager

Case Studies

Dive into our case studies and learn more about how we are helping companies to move forward.

iRobot leverages Stemma to deliver improved customer experiences

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80% of Convoy's tech org uses Stemma for discovering and trusting data

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Do More with Stemma

Stemma takes you beyond Amundsen, unlocking a fleet of additional benefits. Lower your time to value, ensure your data catalog’s success, gain enterprise-grade security, easily migrate from Amundsen to Stemma or the other way around, and make deploying easy.
Empowered by Automated Intelligence

Lower Your Time to Value

Automated query parsing generates table and column-level lineage to remove risk and speed up migrations.
See common join patterns on your data, derived automatically from existing usage patterns.
Get personalized suggestions regarding what data to use.
Use the Stemma bot to link Slack chats to your data catalog.
Data Enablement

Ensuring Your Data Catalog’s Success

Get the guidance and support needed to ensure deployment, adoption, and success for your automated data catalog.
Powerful launch support - including shared sprint for deployment and integration.
Learn and deploy best practices to ensure adoption and high CSAT.
Fully Managing Your Data Catalog

Easy Deployment &
Enterprise-Grade Security

Maintain audit trail of all actions.
Never lose any data by our industry leading backup and restore functionality.
Protect your data through encryption at rest and in motion.
Integrate out-of-box with your internal Single Sign-On (SSO) provider like Okta or Google Auth.

How it Works


Ingest metadata via push, pull & API methods

Ingest from:

  • Data warehouse
  • BI tools
  • Orchestration systems
  • Slack
  • Github, and more...


Automated metadata through intelligence

We use existing usage patterns, user’s role & recent activity to power:

  • Related conversations in Slack
  • Common join
  • Personalized experience


Accessible through Stemma User Interface & API
  • Access all the ingested and derived metadata through an intuitive data discovery experience in a UI
  • Power programmatic use-cases through the Stemma API

Catalog Use Cases

Discover Trustworthy Data

Enable your analysts and data scientists to discover trusted data on a topic, understand its nuances and the best practices on how to use it.

Faster Onboarding

Bring analysts and data scientists up to speed by sharing rich context about the most commonly used data within your team, populated through curation and usage patterns.

Impact Analysis Via Data Lineage

Understand the full impact of changes via end-to-end table, column and dashboard lineage.

Debug Data Issues

Make it easy for your data engineers to understand where data is coming from and see recent changes that have happened on a table.

Data Governance

Define business terms and marry them with technical data.
Further remove the burden of managing your data by simply certifying your most impactful data sets. Receive automatically, augmented documentation for the rest.

Enable Data Mesh

Federate communication ownership across data producers and consumers. Enable consumers to report issues and request metadata directly from the producers, without being the bottleneck.

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Data Sources

Stemma offers the broadest level of integration with data sources. Connect seamlessly with Snowflake, Redshift, Google BigQuery, Apache Airflow and many more.
Discover the full list of integrations
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Apache Airflow
Amazon Athena
Mode Analytics
Amazon Redshift

Building on Amundsen’s Success

Stemma was born to build on the success of Amundsen, the leading open-source data catalogue. Conceived at Lyft by our founder Mark, Amundsen is powered by a strong open-source community and has been adopted by companies ranging from startups to Global 500s.

Stemma takes users beyond Amundsen, through the delivery of enterprise management, powerful data discovery tools, richer metadata, and an extensive range of new features.