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Do More with Your Data

Stemma is on a mission to make data within organizations
more accessible.

By bridging the gap between data producers and data consumers, we enable organizations to gain total trust in their data.

Funding AnnouncemenT

Proudly Funded by Sequoia

We are delighted to share the news that Sequoia is backing Stemma.

By investing in our vision, Sequoia is helping Stemma to solve even more of the world’s data problems and to empower organizations by enabling them to gain total trust in their data.

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2018 - March
Amundsen is born and is rapidly adopted
 at Lyft
An MVP is shown to a group of five data scientists at Lyft. Within one month of launch, Amundsen grows from 5 to 200 users.
2019 - October
Amundsen is made open-source
ING, Square and many others become early users and contributors. Amundsen reaches 750 weekly active users at Lyft.
2020 - October
Stemma is founded
Mark and Dorian found Stemma aided by a $4.8 million investment from Sequoia Capital. Their goal is to develop Stemma into the leading data catalog by enabling organizations and users everywhere to trust their data.
2021 - June
Stemma's managed data catalog launched
Building on Amundsen's success, Stemma becomes available for enterprises and organizations enabling them to discover, understand and trust their data.
Stemma now
Stemma serves a diverse range of clients from fast-growing data-driven companies to public organizations, including iRobot, Flexport and a leading financial institution.

Stemma’s Story

Stemma was born from our co-founders’ shared experience of data problems relating to discovery, understanding and trust.

In his former role at Lyft, Mark witnessed and sought to rectify issues that caused data users to spend 25-30% of their time ascertaining what data exists, what data is trustworthy and how to apply it. With no existing solution in sight, Mark began a mission to make discovering and understanding trustworthy data easier.

Amundsen was a resounding success at Lyft, enjoying a rapid adoption rate with 80% of data analysts, data scientists and data engineers using it every week. When Amundsen became open-source, Dorian joined as a dedicated committer, having seen its promise at Heap and at other data-driven companies.

Following their achievements with Amundsen, Mark and Dorian looked to build on its success by bridging the gap between data producers and consumers. The pair founded Stemma in 2020 to provide a fully managed enterprise solution offering powerful data discovery tools and richer metadata. Today, Stemma is enabling a diverse range of clients to gain total trust in their data, from modern logistics companies to leading financial institutions.

Dedicated to Open Source

Stemma is rooted in open-source. Mark, Stemma’s co-founder and CEO, is the co-creator of Amundsen: the leading open-source data catalog, with the largest community and the most integrations.

Stemma's engineers are committers and contributors to Amundsen.

Help Solve the World’s Data Problems

Be a part of solving the biggest problems in data.

Current Openings

Full time - Remote
Generalist SWE
We're looking for curious engineers who are excited to rapidly iterate on new ideas with customers and build a product from the ground up.
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Meet the Team

Co-founder, CEO


Mark is the co-creator of Amundsen. He was previously a Product Manager at Lyft and a Spark developer at Cloudera. In his spare time, Mark likes to dance and spend time outdoors.
Co-founder, CTO


Dorian was an early engineer at Heap, where he spent 6 years and ended up leading the engineering team. He’s a committer on the Amundsen project, and spends his time slow cooking meats, lifting weights and doting on his cat.
Founding Engineer


Grant was previously the founder of Tree Schema and has experience building data products in finance and healthcare startups. He enjoys baking anything with chocolate, climbing and hiking in the Appalachians with his dog.
Founding Engineer


Boyan’s last adventure was a co-founding stunt attacking the metasearch model in real estate through data science. He is able to find joy in the act of building anywhere in the tech stack - from ops and data engineering to user interfaces and mobile applications. In his free time, one can often bump into him at technical community events or education initiatives.
Founding Engineer


Formerly an Engineering Lead at Civis Analytics, John has worked in a variety of industries and roles in the data space. John enjoys cooking, foreign languages and biking around Chicago.
Founding Engineer


Merilin is seasoned in the startup world, having previously worked as a Software Engineer at a tech company that sought to bring the real estate world into the AI century. In addition, she has been a teaching assistant at Sofia university, where she taught Object-oriented programming and Data structures. In her free time, she likes to paint, bake cookies and chill with her cat.
Founding Engineer


Petar is in his final year as a Computer science student and has experience in the real estate sector. Outside of programming, he enjoys travelling with his girlfriend (especially to Spain), playing board games with friends, and playing volleyball & basketball. He’s a firm believer that everything tastes better when you cook it yourself.
Software Engineer


Balint has a deep interest in data infrastructure (streaming and discoverability are especially close to his heart), and has spent the last few years in the data space. Before that, he's tried his hand in all sorts of areas, from iOS to Front End development. He loves (and creates) electronic music in many forms, loves skiing in fresh snow and cycling around Budapest.
Solutions Architect


Michael has over 10 years of experience building and implementing data products, and was previously the first solutions architect at Segment. When he’s not talking to customers, Michael enjoys skiing, cycling, baking bread, and exploring the California coast with his wife and bulldog.
Head of Product Marketing


Rob has over 10 years of experience bringing new technologies to market at companies like SIEM/XDR innovator Exabeam and microservices observability pioneer Epsagon. When he isn’t collecting obscure pop culture references, Rob enjoys building up a sweat outdoors.
Head of Design


Dani brings their expertise in designing satisfying user experiences, growing diverse design teams and coaching organizations in agile best practices to Stemma. As an early designer in a number of previous startups, Dani loves diving into the details and designing straightforward solutions to complex problems. When they’re not at their computer, Dani can be found hiking, skiing, biking or playing with their two chihuahuas.
June 6, 2023
June 6, 2023
min read

Stemma makes AI Discover Assistant available for all customers

Generative AI feature summarizes query-level context for data discovery and development workflows in Stemma's data catalog

May 16, 2023
May 16, 2023
min read

How Stemma Upgrades Amundsen

The most current matchup on Stemma v. Amundsen; how Stemma provides a friendlier experience for analysts and business users, improves productivity through lineage, and simplifies catalog setup and administration.

May 16, 2023
May 9, 2023
min read

Diving Into The Details: A Deeper Look at Stemma’s Redesign

In part 2, Stemma's Head of Design, Dani Sandoval, continues his deep dive into the changes made to the data catalog interface to decrease frustration when debugging data issues, help data engineers establish best practices within data teams, and make discovering existing data easier for data scientists and analysts.