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March 2, 2023
April 21, 2022
min read

April Updates to Stemma

Mark Grover
Co-founder, CEO of Stemma
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New Additions to Stemma this month:

  • Business Glossary
    Terms are the building blocks for how your teams standardize communication, and we’ve built a glossary that is designed to help you define the meaning behind your business terms and the groups which give them context. We have several exciting extensions planned for this feature so be on the lookup for updates to the glossary each of the next few months!

  • View Columns in Search Results
    When you search in Stemma you will now see which columns and column descriptions are matched against your query. This extremely useful information identifies the table that you are looking for at a glance and helps you find the result you’re looking for even faster.

Stemma in the Media:

Stemma's CEO, Mark Grover, talks about how companies are building data informed cultures on the Business of Cloud Native podcast

Hear Mark’s recent podcast episode on The Business of Cloud Native on how companies are building data informed cultures.

Watch the full episode here


Convoy is hiring data leaders:

Live Nation is the world’s leading live entertainment company and is hiring:

Flexport is helping companies take control of their supply chain and is hiring...

Tempo is pushing home fitness forward and is hiring...

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