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November 9, 2022
April 5, 2022
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Stemma Announces Tableau Partnership

Mark Grover
Co-founder, CEO of Stemma
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Stemma is happy to announce that it has become a Technology Partner with Tableau. By partnering with Tableau, the world’s leading analytics platform, we are enabling our customers to unlock even more value from their data. Our partnership will help customers transcend traditional business intelligence by seamlessly integrating data experiences into the way people already work.

Stemma’s Tableau integration allows customers to bring all of their metadata from Tableau into a single location, on the Stemma platform, where it can be automatically indexed and searched. The integration works with the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server & Tableau Online products.

The Stemma Advantage

Stemma provides a holistic view of your data ecosystem from a single place, allowing you to discover what data exists, what it means and how it is used. Transcending the traditional data catalog, Stemma integrates seamlessly within your environment and automatically uses the existing information in the tools which your teams already use. 

“Data discovery and trust are some of the core principles of Tableau’s self-service analytics platform,” said Brian Matsubara, Vice President, Global Technology Alliances, Tableau. “By partnering with Stemma, we’re helping ensure customers trust their data and feel confident in their decision-making.” 

Stemma + Tableau

Tableau is the market-leading choice for modern business intelligence. The platform helps organizations transform the way customers use data to solve problems.Stemma’s recent partnership with Tableau extends these core values by allowing customers to augment their BI workflow with a rich understanding of their entire end-to-end data ecosystem.

Teams using Stemma with Tableau will unlock new capabilities that make them more efficient. These include (see our post for full feature details):

  • Automatically index all Tableau dashboards and queries executed by Tableau
  • Find and remove duplicate metrics and dashboards using rich search features
  • Increase quality of dashboards by utilizing data lineage within Stemma to ensure the correct columns are used
  • Reuse SQL used in Tableau dashboard and metrics by indexing queries within Stemma

To learn more, contact us at

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