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Do More with Stemma

Stemma builds on the foundations of Amundsen to deliver unique and empowering benefits.
Empowered by Automated Intelligence

Lower Your Time to Value

  • Stemma removes risk factors and speeds up migrations, through automated query parsing for understanding downstream usages.
  • See common join and filter patterns on your data, derived automatically from existing usage patterns. With Stemma, there is no need to create Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) that go out of date as soon as they are written.
  • Get personalized suggestions regarding what data to use.
  • Use the Stemma bot to easily link Slack chats to your data catalog. Never lose track of important conversations about data again.
Data Enablement

Ensuring Your Data Catalog’s Success

Working with you and your team, we ensure deployment, adoption, and success for your automated data catalog. We are there at every step to offer guidance and support.

Breakdown of Launch Phases

Alpha user feedback
Populate MVP metadata
Alpha launch
Beta launch

Examples of Stemma Success Metrics

Adoption Metrics
Weekly Active Users (WAUs)
Target Penetration Rate: 80% within your target persona
Customer Satisfaction metrics
Get outside of product CSAT feedback every 3-6 months, which avoids recency bias and is more effective than within product feedback

Breakdown of Best Practices
for Adoption

Updating Slack channel headers
Embedding in new hire training
Creating linkages with other products
Showcasing at group and company meetings
Fully Managing Your Data Catalog

Easy Deployment & Enterprise-Grade Security

  • Auditing
  • Backup/restore
  • Encryption at rest and in motion
  • Integration with SSO (e.g. Okta, Google Auth)